Documentation: bring with you all necessary supporting documentation you’ll need

The mobility scheme of the programme imply a variety of administrative steps (registration, visa application to each hosting countries, …) that will required from you to produce documents, sometimes original and translated. We advice you to read carefully all related webpages to be informed and ready as soon as possible. Here is a summary of documents you’ll need to provide at some point and should bring with you before departure:

Programme milestoneAdministrative stepSupporting documentation
Pre-arrivalLetter of commitmentbanking documentation to provide evidence of financial means (will be required by the consulate to issue visa as well)
 French visacertificate of admission (sent to you by the Consortium)Certificate of residence (sent to you by the Consortium)Consult the French consulate for list of supporting documents needed
Inception weekAdministrative registration at University Jean Monnet
  • registration form (provided by the international office)
  • 1 ID photograph (official guidelines and standards for photograph quality)

  • certificate of admission (provided by the Consortium)
  • copy of first pages of the passport
  • proof of civil liability ( for CIMET students only, included in insurance cover of COSI students)
  • European Health Insurance Card for European student (to be exempted from French health insurance fees)
  • COSI students (personal insurance certificate from Marsh)
 Subscription to French health insurance
  • passeport1 ID photograph
  • OFII letter (given by the Consulate when the visa has been issued)
  • original diploma certificates or certified copies (translation if applicable in English or French)
  • copy of birth certificate (mother and father’s names must appear) (translated in French)
 Housing – registration at the residence
  • In any case: copy of passport and certificate of registration
  • see this page for details (guarantor, forms, …)
 Residence permit
  • copy of birth certificate (mother and father’s names must appear) (translated in French if applicable)copy of passport (first pages and French visa)
  • evidence of financial means (615 € / month of planned stay in France) and/or scholarship certificate
  • certificate of residence (provided by the Consortium)
  • 3 ID photograph
 Housing – housing allowance
  • a translated and certified copy of your birth certificate (in French)
  • IBAN
  • copy of passport (first pages and French visa)
  • copy of the residence permit for non-European students
  Bank account opening
  • copy of passport (first pages and French visa)
  • French address details
  • certificate of residence (provided by the Consortium)
  • certificate of admission
  • 10 EUR cash (to be transferred in your bank account)

Mobility to Spain

Spanish visa / registration in Spanish universityIf your bachelor diploma is not in English, it s better to have an official translation made at your Spanish consulate or embassy prior to come to Europe. Another option is to have all the documents translated in Spain. In this link you will find a list of official interpreters in Spain: Sworn interpreters in Spain.

[last update = 25/08/2015]