Coming to University Jean Monnet

You’ve been selected to COSI Master’s degree! Congrats!

So what the next steps until your very first day as a COSI student? How to get ready on time to go to France in the city of Saint Etienne where the University Jean Monnet is located, where you’ll spend your first semester (for COSI students) or a full academic year (as a CIMET student)?
#1. Read about available housing options and banking services

Please visit this page for details on accommodations we can book on your behalf before arrival and this page for info on banking services we can provide you upon request.

#2. Complete Letter of  commitment

You need to officially commit to the Programme by completing a Letter of commitment. (online form). Additional info regarding housing & banking service, your financial ability to cover expenses associated to your participation in the Programme and the cost of living during the full period of your enrolment in the Programme need to be informed.

Go to form

The letter of admission and certificate of residence – documentation required to apply to a French student visa – will be send to you only upon reception of this letter with completed information.

#3. Receive your  letter of admission / certificate of residence

The Consortium will send you, upon reception of your letter of commitment and, subject to demonstrated evidence of financial means:

  • a scan of your certificate of admission, signed by all hosting institutions, stating the precise dates of the Programme mobility scheme and, if applicable, the scholarship you’re entitled to that will serve supporting all visa applications you’ll need to undertake during the Programme, and
  • a certificate of residence, document you’ll need to apply to a French long-stay student visa.
 #4. Book a flight

Visit this page to know date for flight booking.

 #5. Apply for a visa

Please visit this webpage to know more about visa procedure and guidelines.

 #6. Prepare documentation you’ll need during your study

Visit this page to know what documentation you should prepare before departure.

 #7. Prepare your travel to Saint Etienne

You can find here some travel info to come to Saint Etienne.

 #8. Join the “Induction week”

From the 4th to the 9th of September 2017. Induction week 2017-2019 agenda (soon)

#9. Keep yourself informed on next administrative steps

Please visit this page (link broken) for info and resources on administrative steps you’ll undertake during your stay in University Jean Monnet.

[last update = 19/04/2016]