UJM student intranet

International student can access online services on the Unviversity Jean Monnet intranet (student webmail, timetable, Claroline platform – file sharing -, edition of work placement agreement, …)
First time log in / university windows session

> Once registered, you get a personal login (on your student card or certificate of registration). This login won’t change during the duration of the programme.

> Password is your birthdate (DDMMYYYY). You need to change this password at the time of you first connection to your intranet account.

N.B. = you can log in only a day after registration. Login / password are the same for windows and intranet

First time log in / intranet account

> go to https://ent.univ-st-etienne.fr/


> Click on Connexion (top right)


> Log in: “Identifiant” = login (on the student card) | “Mot de passe” = password (your birth date DDMMYYYY)


> write what you see on the picture, select “Etudiant” on the drop box, validate


> enter personal information, click on “Envoyer”


> You’ll received a mail on your personal mailbox (up to 72h delay) with an activation link. If not, try again from the begining.


> Check if information are correct, choose a new password (6 characters minimum, no accents, 2 types of characters at least: upper/lower case, digits, special characters)


> Check the checkbox and click on validate (you agree to UJM internet terms of use: the usual stuff: no peer2peers, no newsgroups, …)


> Click on “Quitter”. Log out and check if your new password is working.

Log in to your intranet account

> go to https://ent.univ-st-etienne.fr/

> click on ‘connection’ (top right)


> enter your login and password and click on ‘SE CONNECTER”

Access your timetable

> After you’ve logged in, click on ‘ENSEIGNEMENTS’ and then on ‘Mon emploi du temps’


> Access your time table (course modules, lecturer, classrooms, schedule)

  1. time slot
  2. weekday
  3. date (dd/mm/yy)
Check your emails on your mailbox

An email address is created for all students upon registration at University Jean Monnet (givenname.familyname@etu.univ-st-etienne.fr).

Although the administrative and academic team will use mostly your the personal email address you’ve provided at the time of application, you need to check regularly this address, used by other services of the university.

> After you’ve logged in, click on ‘BUREAU VIRTUEL’ and then on ‘Bureau Virtuel’


> Click on ‘J’accède à ma messagerie’


(select English as interface language)

> Click on the configuration icon (top right) and then on ‘Options’


> Click on ‘Général’, then on ‘Région et fuseau horaire’, then choose your language


[last update = 21/07/2015]