COSI UJM Foundation scholarships – ‘international attractiveness’


University Jean Monnet, through its Foundation,  attract high level international students in its international Master degrees by offering scholarships (the objective is to welcome high level international students who aspire to further integrate Jean-Monnet University research laboratories for PhD studies).

Grant awarded

  • UJM Foundation scholarships are granted for one academic year.
  • The grant amounts to 10,000 €.
  • A student can only benefit once from this scholarship.
  • 1 UJM Foundation scholarships will be offered for 2018-2020 selection.

Eligibility criteria

  • UJM Foundation scholarships are offered to applicants to COSI programme. To benefit from this scholarship, you must have applied, been selected and then have administratively enrolled in the COSI programme. Therefore, administrative and academic eligibility criteria for COSI selection apply.
  • Applicants should apply to COSI programme before the first deadline to allow selection committee to consider them for a UJM Foundation scholarship.
  • No geographic restrictions.
  • Applicants should have received by the administrative coordinator a notification informing them they are eligible to the scholarship;
  • No direct students’ applications to Jean Monnet University Foundation will be taken into consideration:
  • More information can be found on the annual Call for application.
  • This scholarship cannot be held concurrently with either an Eiffel scholarship nor a COSI scholarship.

How to apply

#0. March = academic coordinator short list
  • Due to the limited number of scholarships offered compared to applicants, the COSI Academic Coordinator short-list best applicants (on the basis of selection absolute ranking by order of merit).
  • You’ll be notified in due time by the academic coordinator if you’re short-listed.
#1. April = application

If you’re short-listed, you must send to the administrative coordinator before the 17th April 2018 (the form and supporting documents should constitute a single .pdf document file):

  • completed, signed scanned administrative form. N.B. last section of the application form (“AVIS DU RESPONSABLE DE FORMATION SUR LA CANDIDATURE DE L’ETUDIANT”) should be left empty;
  • up-to date CV;
  • motivation letter to the attention of the University Jean Monnet Foundation;
  • a scanned copy of your transcript (courses modules and grades) obtained during the Bachelor degree, translated in English;
  • A certification of B2 level (CEFR) in English: IELTS 5.0-­‐6.0; TOEIC 541-­‐700; TOEFL (IB) 62-­‐91; TOEFL (CB) 177-­‐233;  TOEFL (PB) 503-­‐577.
#2. May = selection and notification
  • University Jean Monnet Foundation will select scholarships holders by the 20th of May 2018; successful applicants will be informed by the academic coordinator.
  • Successful applicant must confirm their acceptance within 21 days. If not, the scholarship will be cancelled and re-allocated.

Scholarship disbursement

  • The University Jean Monnet Foundation scholarships are managed by the UJM Foundation. Scholarships grants will be paid in several installments in a French bank account which administrative staff will help you to open upon arrival in France.
  • 80% of the scholarship grant is paid after registration, usually in October.
  • A scholarship disbursement calendar is made available and kept up to date.
  • 20% will be paid at the end of the Programme (upon successful completion of the master’s degree).

[last update = 05/04/2018]