Summer internships

2016-2018 Summer Internship opportunities:
  • University of Eastern Finland: FluxData video characterization. A student could use standard video test charts to analyze the video properties of the camera. Please contact Prof. Markku Hauta-Kasari.
  • University of Eastern Finland: Computational 3D Imaging in Automated Insect Digitization Line. Please contact Prof. Markku Hauta-Kasari.
  • University of Eastern Finland: Automated Imaging System for Stacked Images and Depth Images. Please contact Prof. Markku Hauta-Kasari.
  • University of Eastern Finland: Natural History Image Big Data Storage and Analysis with Hadoop and Spark. Please contact Prof. Markku Hauta-Kasari.
  • Universidad de Granada: “Comparison of Texture Features”, state of the art in texture characterization and comparison with previous results (contact Prof. Rafael Huertas at UGR).
  • Universidad de Granada:“Color vision tests with Variantor and EnChroma® spectacles”, study of the glasses through psychophysical experiments (contact Prof. Rafael Huertas at UGR).
  • Chromasens / Universidad de Granada:”Empirically quantifying statistic of reflectance and camera response data for a multi-spectral line-scan camera system” (proposed by Chromasens (Germany), contact prof. Eva M. Valero at UGR and Timo Eckhard at Chromasens)
  • Universidad de Granada:”Multispectral image acquisition of organic pigments in different substrata for quantitative assessment of their aging process” (contact Prof. Juan Luis Nieves and Eva Valero at UGR).
  • Universidad de Granada:”A Matlab GUI to explore first and second order image statistical descriptors”(already attributed).

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