Scholarships from University of Eastern Finland

Those scholarships are funded directly by University of Eastern Finland.

Grant awarded

  • University of Eastern Finland grant amount to 500 € per month, up to 4 months (total of 2,000 € per student), during the autumn semester of year 2 (semester 3 of the Programme). In case  the student decide to continue the spring semester in Joensuu, the grant for that period will be considered later;
  • A limited number of scholarships are available each year. Up to 7 scholarships will be offered to CIMET student intake 2014-2016 (during fall semester 2015). Budget avalaible for 2016-2018 intake, if any, will be know in autumn 2017.

Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant must be enrolled in University of Eastern Finland (i.e. have chosen to study at UEF for semester 3).
  • The UEF scholarship cannot be held concurrently with an Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarship.

How to apply

  • No specification application process: if your mobility to University of Eastern Finland has been validated by your Academic Tutor beginning of semester 2, you’ll receive news on number of scholarship available by your Administrative Coordinator and steps to take.
  • The grant sum is indicated in the letter of admission send by University of Eastern Finland to Host Institutions (either University of Granada or University Jean Monnet) where the student is enrolled during semester 2, usually beginning of March. Contact your Local Administrative Coordinator if you don’t get feedback from end of March. This letter of admission can  be used as a proof in the residence permit application, if needed.

Scholarship disbursement

  • UEF scholarship disbursement is directly managed by University of Eastern Finland.
  • UEF scholarship disbursement is subject to the conclusion and satisfactory fulfillment of the student agreement between the student and the consortium.