Additional financial support


Applicants are encouraged to seek for scholarships prior to their applications. A large number of scholarship are available for students in Europe at graduate level and for scientific studies. Note that grants by companies and foundations, national fellowship programmes, bilateral scholarships, World Bank, etc. may have to observe early deadlines and separate application process. Early application and contacting COSI administrative coordinator with details on the scholarship you applied for is recommended. The administrative staff will provide needed information requested by applicants.

Good starting point are following search engines:

COSI students are registered in Jean Monnet University during the full period of the programme, irrespective of their location in European host campuses. They are considered as international students registered in a French higher education institution and as such, eligible to several French scholarships opportunities. Browse CampusBourse, the grant search engine powered by CampusFrance to know more about these programmes:


To find out more scholarships opportunities, visit, our partner (supported by the European Commission):


Applicants to COSI from Programme countries are eligible to Erasmus+ Master Degree Loans opportunities (up to 18,000 € for two years) to finance their studies. Loans will be offered by participating banks and student loan agencies on favorable conditions to mobile students, including, better than market interest rates and up to two years to allow graduates to get into a job before beginning repayment. This programme will start rolling out earl 2015, visit EACEA website for more info.

Two French banks begin offering EU-guaranteed loans to Master’s students going to or coming from France.

The two banks, Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne, are now offering loans both to French students who want to take a Master’s degree in one of the 32 Erasmus+ Programme countries, as well as students from Programme countries who want to study in France.

Administrative staff is available to provide applicants any information needed for them to apply for a loan.


In the framework of the French aid program to Syria and Syrian nationals currently in France, the government launched a new scholarship program:

Current students of internal programmes holding only the Syrian citizenship and that do not benefit from any other scholarship (including from a Syrian institution).

> 12 months for current Master first year students
> 24 months for future Master first year students
First disbursement will be made on 01/111/2016 (but allowances for September and October will be added to the November disbursement), then every month till end of the time frame.

Grants & benefits
> reimbursement of the 264 EUR of national health cover (for 2016-2017 academic year), or if you’re over 28 years old, free-of-charge private health insurance.
> monthly grant of 767 EUR
> national tuition fees-waiver

Application process
> Application should be done directly by the University Jean Monnet. Please contact your administrative coordinator if applicable.

Part-time jobs

It is not, in principle, forbidden to take a part-time job during the period of the Programme. However:

  • Holder of a student visa face in France restrictions in terms of type of contract and legal maximum number of hours they can perform;
  • It is extremely difficult to find a job in Saint-Etienne for non-French speakers; we strongly advice students not to accept undeclared job as this can jeopardize their ability to stay in France;
  • COSI is a full-time programme that require a full investment from the student and give little room for a professional activity.

[last update = 23/11/2015]