COSI Scholarship

COSI scholarships are directly funded by the Consortium as part of its scholarship policy to ensure that all students with outstanding academic background may have the chance to join the COSI programme.
Grant awarded
  • COSI scholarships are granted for two (2) academic years and will be allocated during the 1st year of the programme.
  • COSI scholarship amounts to 10,500 € for non-EU students and 6,500 € for EU students, granted to the best applicants on the reserve list (i.e. successful applicants to COSI programme without E+EMJMD scholarship).
  • 10 COSI scholarships for non-EU students and 2 for EUs students will be offered for 2018-2020 selection.
Eligibility criteria
  • COSI scholarships are offered to applicants to COSI programme. To benefit from this scholarship, you must have applied, been selected in the reserve list (i.e. successful applicants who have not been selected for an E+EMJMD scholarship) and then have administratively enrolled in the COSI programme. Therefore, administrative and academic eligibility criteria for COSI selection apply.
  • Applicants should apply to COSI programme before the first deadline to allow selection committee to consider them for a COSI scholarship.
  • Applicants may benefit from both a COSI scholarship and a fee-waiver but cannot be both recipient of an E+EMJMD scholarship and a COSI scholarship or a fee-waiver.
Selection criteria
  • COSI scholarships are awarded to best-ranked applicants in the reserve list during the selection committee following the first application deadline.
  • Same selection criteria used to assess application to the programme itself are therefore use. These criteria are based on the overall academic achievements and motivation of the applicants.
  • Attribution of COSI scholarships for the second academic year of the of each intake will be based on students performance during the first academic year (best ranking, on the basis of grades available at the time of the selection, and using the grading and calculation rules provided in the student agreement and providing that the student have an average above B during the first academic year).
How to apply
  • There is no specific / separate application process to be considered for this scholarship, providing the applicant apply before the first deadline. Attribution of COSI scholarship for the second year is directly managed by the Consortium without application needed.
  • When the selection outcomes (/results) are notified, applicants are informed by email if they are on the main list (i.e. successful applicants to COSI programme with an E+EMJMD scholarship) or on the reserve list (i.e. successful applicants to COSI programme with or without COSI scholarship and/or a fee-waiver).
  • Re-allocation of COSI scholarships:
    • Successful applicants on the reserve list are notified of their absolute rank by order of merit in the reserve list. COSI scholarships and Fee-waivers are attributed to best applicants on this list. Applicants on the reserve list without scholarships may decided to join the programme as self-financed students (no scholarship from the Consortium).
    • However, in case a successful applicant on the main list decide not to join the programme before the induction week, the E+ EMJMD scholarship can be re-allocated to best-ranked students on the reserve list. Consequently an additional COSI scholarship may become available, that will be in turn re-allocated to best applicants on the reserve list.
    • Successful applicants should confirm to the Consortium their acceptance of the COSI scholarship or willingness to join the Programme without scholarship in due time.
    • Non-successful applicants or successful student without scholarships attributed can appeal of the selection committee decisions.
Scholarship disbursement
  • The COSI scholarships are directly managed by the Consortium. COSI scholarship grants will be paid in several installments in a French bank account which administrative staff will help you to open upon arrival in France.
  • COSI scholarship disbursement is subject to the conclusion and satisfactory fulfillment of the student agreement between the student and the COSI consortium.
  • COSI scholarship is paid in two installments. First installment typically occur during the first month of the programme, end of September, and the second in November.
  • A scholarship disbursement calendar is made available and kept up to date.

COSI scholarships terms of references are fixed on the COSI student agreement.

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