QAB constitutions & memberships

Quality Assurance Board (QAB) constitutions and memberships

Permanents members

(a) QAB head (external expert)

  • Daniel Clark, HWU;

(b) QAB Vice-Head / Consortium representative

  • Javier Hernández-Andrés, UGR;

(c) Learning Outcomes Coordinator (external expert from the EMA European Chapter)

  • To be recruited;

(d) Academic representatives from Full Partners

  • Eric Dinet, UJM;
  • Jussi Parkkinen, UEF;
  • Phil Green, GUC.

(d’) Vice- academic representatives from Full Partners

  • Prof. Nathalie Destouches, UJM;
  • E. M. Valero, UGR;
  • T. Jääskeläinen, UEF;
  • Marius Pedersen, GUC;

(e) 1 alumnus and one delegate from each current cohorts (at least once per year).

Ad-hoc members (depending on the agenda upon decision of QAB Head or Vice-Head)

(f) Any representative from Full Partners and Associated Academic Partners academic and administrative staff involved in the project;

(e) Industrial Partners representatives and practionners from any business associations or enterprises in the fields of technology transfer or valorization of Research and Development (R&D) activities, including but not limited to (at least once a year):

  • Timo Eckhard, Chromasens;
  • Hiroyuki Fukuda, Olympus.

[last update: 11/05/2015]