ABM terms of references

Academic and Management Board (AMB)

Terms of References

The AMB sets the consortium, vision, strategy and its long-term academic and business plan; oversees the management and administration, consider and decide upon all academic matters and questions affecting the educational policy and the conduct of its affairs.

The AMB convene physically at least twice a year, meetings are held alternately in Full Partners campuses.

  • In March, notably regarding validation of students learning outcomes and decision regarding semesters 1 and 3 and final selection of new intakes;
  • In September, notably regarding participation to the induction week and curriculum management.

Additional virtual meetings will also be held by video-conference:

  • In June, notably regarding validation of students’ learning outcomes in semester 2, master thesis management and industrial projects course oral presentations.


The AMB is responsible for:

(a) At academic level:

  • defining the programme structure, ensuring consistency of the courses sequence, ensuring quality of teaching, ensuring credit recognition within each hosting university and learning validation outcomes criteria and rules;
  • supervising any changes on teaching offer that may occurs in each institution and validating courses syllabuses;
  • selecting the students and guest lecturers and to define their mobility;
  • following-up the achievements of students;
  • resolving and stating on disputes that may arise from students; providing student with an appeal procedure in case of conflict;

(b) At management level:

  • supervising the administrative implementation of their decision;
  • stating upon budget management and notably participation costs, consortium scholarships and disbursements between partners;
  • discussing QAB recommendations and taking corrective decisions.