Awarded degrees

Successful completion of the CIMET European Master’s Degree will result in the award of a double Master’s degrees (i.e. 3 national diplomas issued by 3 higher education institutions from 3 European countries and fully recognized in these respective countries).  In line with the Bologna Accords, those degrees benefit from a wide recognition in Europe and beyond.

According to the mobility which has been chosen by the graduate during semester 3, the consortium will deliver either multiple diplomas from UJM and UEF OR UJM and GUC:

Awarding InstitutionNational degrees awarded, official name in local languageNational degrees awarded, legalized English translation

University Jean Monnet

  • Master Optics, Image, Vision, Multimedia, , as approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research since 2004 and recently re-accredited A+; Arrêté du 10 octobre 2011, Reference CNESER 20070679;
  • Diplôme d’Université “Colour in Informatics and Media Technology” on behalf of the Consortium.

University of Eastern Finland

Filosofian maisteri, tietojenkäsittelytiede, as approved by the Finnish Ministry of Education decree 794/2004. Master’s programme: Finnish Ministry of Education decree 1665/ 2009.Master of Science in Computer Science, Master’s Degree Programme in Color in Informatics and Media Technology , MSc Degree

Gjøvik University College

 as approved by the Norwegian Ministry of education and Research since 31-May-2005.Master of Science in Applied Computer Science “Media Computing”.

The Consortium

 Diploma Supplement to CIMET European Master’s Degree

In addition to official diplomas and to ensure the best understanding and recognition of COSI graduates achievements, notably towards recruiters, COSI consortium will deliver to each student a personalized Diploma Supplement, signed by all awarding Higher Education Institutions and issued by University Jean Monnet, the COSI coordinating institution, including:

  • learning objectives and COSI consortium track-record and recognition;
  • overall organization of the COSI study programme (selection process, mobility, host institutions, learning outcomes methods of assessment, tuition language);
  • added value which it brings to the student with respect to learning outcomes (which have been developed along with recruiters from the industry);
  • full transcript of all (120 ECTS credits minimum) obtained during the master course, concentration and grades obtained, Master Thesis subject;
  • awarded degrees in national languages and legalized English translation.