Participation costs

Attract, select, and fund excellence.”

The Consortium implement an ambitious scholarship strategy to attract the best minds in CIMET, and offer competitive salary packages for researchers willing to join our research labs.

Participation costs for 2015/2017 intake are set as follows:

2015/2016 (2 semesters) 2,250 €
2016/2017 (2 semesters) 2,250 €
Total participation costs (entire programme) 4,500 €

 Students will be able to pay participation costs in three installments.

I cannot pay such participation costs, are scholarship grants available?

Participation cost (covering “tuition fees” and insurance) should not, in any case discourage you from applying if you have the required academic background. Generous scholarships are available, that can finance the entire expenses related to joining CIMET programme during two years.

CIMET is managed by European public universities as a non-profit organization. Participation Costs reflect real costs occurred by  delivering the Programme. Potential benefits are directly re-invested as student scholarships.

 What do I pay for?

 Participation costs that are charged to each student cover, for the entire duration of the CIMET programme, the costs related to:

  • Selection process;
  • Registration, and notably, local tuitions fees in hosting university;
  • Full access to CIMET curriculum (courses, offer of master thesis, exams, thesis examinations);
  • Student’ affairs services including administrative counseling, degree delivery, support for banking, housing, and immigration affairs;
  • Full access to any scientific courses offered by hosting universities;
  • Full access to hosting universities’ libraries and online resources;
  • Full access to hosting universities services (culture, sports, health, …);
  • Dedicated local languages courses in France;
  • Access to CIMET events and networking activities with industry and alumni.

Accommodation and travel expenses are not covered by the participation costs, as well as social security compulsory fees in France (213 € in 2014/2015 if the student is under 28 years old). You can find here (link) a “rule of thumb” budgeting of the 2 years programme based on cost of living to self-assess your financial ability to join as a self-sponsored student.