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Call for applications 2023-2025 : from October 8th 2022 to January 10th 2023

Application deadline “scholarships”

10/01/2023,  12.00 pm (UTC time)Apply to COSI before this deadline and you’ll be directly considered (no additional application) for Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarships) and COSI scholarship.
Notification of Ineligiblyfrom 10/01/2023 to 15/02/2023Ineligible applicants (for administrative issues or weak academic background) are notified at the time of the first selection committee review after the eligibility check and provided information on the appeal procedure. Due to the large number of applications we expect, we won’t be able to provide a personalized feedback on weaknesses of the application.
Application second-phasefrom 10/01/20223to 01/03/2023Eligible students can apply to the second-phase selection process through the UJM platform.
Selection Committeefrom 16/03/2023COSI academic and management board select students.
Notification of Short-list from 20/03/2023 to 05/04/2023
Short-listed students for E+EMJMD scholarships are informed. Applicants who are not contacted for interviews may however be selected as self-financed students.
Notification of the Selection outcome 04/04/2023Successful applicants are notified of the outcome of their application by email. Successful applicants can be either on:
– a main list (best ranked successful applicants with an Erasmus+ Joint Master Degree scholarship) and
– a reserve list (successful applicants with a Consortium scholarship and successful applicants without scholarships). Time is left for applicants in the reserve list to decide to join as self-funded students, or to benefit for potential drop-out from main list applicants.

Applicants who were contacted for interview  must send certified and translated copies of their diploma and transcripts to COSI consortium by the 30th of March 2020.

Non-successful applicants or successful student without scholarships attributed can appeal of the selection committee decisions. Only aggregated statistics on applicants and selected students are published to ensure confidentiality of applicants. Original certificates of admission are sent to successful applicants.

Prepare your stay in Norway from 04/04/2023Successful applicants are encouraged to immediately prepare their stay in Norway, and notably immigration process.
Notification from the EACEA Date not known yetCOSI E+EMJMD scholarship holders received an official notification from the agency of the European Commission.
End of Appeal period 12/04/2023Appeals received after this deadline won’t be considered.
Commitment Deadline 15/05/2023Successful applicants must confirm their participation in the programme. Students in the reserve list must decide to enroll as self-financed students.
Deadline “self-financed” Non-EU students 15/05/2023, 12.00 pm (UTC time)Non-European students may apply to COSI till this date, as self-financed students (no scholarships granted)
Deadline “self-financed” EU students 30/06/2023, 12.00 pm (UTC time)European students may apply to COSI till this date, as self-financed students (no scholarships no scholarship granted).
End of E+EMJMD re-allocation 01/09/2023E+EMJMD scholarships may be re-allocated to students in the reserve list till this date in case of applicants withdraw.
Student agreement signature 15/08/2023Effective enrollment of successful applicant is subject of conclusion and signing of a student agreement between the student and COSI consortium providing for rights and obligation of both parties.

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