Induction Week 2017

Every year, we organize an Induction Week for our students coming in the frame of our International Masters : MLDM, 3DMT, CPS2 and of course, COSI. We are getting ready for 2017 edition of this very special week. It will take place from September 4th to September 9th 2017. This is the opportunity for students to get ready for their two-year programmes in our institutions, to bound relationships and also to discover the professional horizon that their studies are leading to.

For the occasion, we have planned two half days for Industrial guests.

We are delighted to announce you that on Tuesday, September 5th 2017, we will welcome:

naver labs
  • Diane Larlus from NAVER LABS. Her presentation will be about “Computer vision and machine learning at Never Labs Europe”. Here is a little abstract for you : “NAVER LABS is an ambient intelligence company that develops future technologies including autonomous driving, robotics and artificial intelligence. Since its establishment as NAVER’s R&D division in 2013, it has led NAVER’s innovation in technology through products such as “Papago”, Al-based translation app, Whale, the omni-tasking web browser, and M1, the 3D indoor mapping robot. The primary areas of research at NAVER LABS Europe are computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning. In this talk, she will present some concrete applications of the research conducted in the computer vision group and in the rest of the lab.”
  • Fanilo Andrianasolo from Worldline will talk about :“Worldline [Euronext : WLN] is the European leader and a mondial reference in the payment and transactional services industry. 

    In 2014, fraudulent card transactions worldwide have reached around $11 billion for one year. Worldline being an major actor in the payment services, tackling the fraud problem has become a high stake issue.


    This talk will describe how Worldline provides its expertise in data analytics to a large range of customers, from Business Intelligence to Data science. I will present “Worldline Analytics Platform”, our Cloud-oriented data platform which frees users from the technical hassles of deploying a data-driven application.

    We will then focus on R&D’s work on building a smart Data Analytics solution for fraud detection, and deploying it on Worldline Analytics Platform. This solution will run and monitor state-of-the-art Machine Learning pipelines with high performance to label fraudulent transactions. The intelligence provided inside this platform will also deal with automatic update of models, autoscaling and ease of deployment from research code to production.


    You will leave with a broad understanding of all the steps and challenges for designing and running a modern Data solution for processing data in realtime, training and running the latest Machine learning pipelines.”

  • Eustache Diemert from Criteo. His presentation will be about : “Large Scale Machine Learning for Display Advertising at Criteo”. Here is a little abstract for you: “At Criteo, a tech company specialized in tergeted online advertizing, machine learning lies at the core of the business. It is used to decide when to show an ad, how to personalize brands and products to be shown in the banners, etc. We will discuss the main concepts of display advertising such as real-time bidding, product recommendation, online and offline model evaluation. ML applications at Criteo are all facing very strong industrial constraints : prediction latency, very large scale in terms of both samples and dimensions (we process 3B requests per day). We will also discuss the impact on the choice of the models we use and on the infrastructure. Finally, we will cover the next scientific challenges we face and provide links to open datasets released by Criteo.”

On Friday, September 8th 2017,we are glad to inform you that we are launching our 2nd edition of COSI Industrial Day! For the occasion, we, COSI Consortium, are hosting our colleagues from several industries with who we are working.

  • Juan Uros and Oscar Martinez will be there for HP Inc (Spain) and have their presentation on “Introduction to JP Thermal Inket Writing Systems development”
  • Panagiotis-Alexandros Bokaris will represent L’Oréal and will talk about “Colour Science and augmented reality for beauty personalization”
  • Kenro Ohsawa from Olympus will present “Activities of R&D Imaging Technology Department and Internship Program in Olympus”
  • Lode De Paepe from Barco will introduce “Absolute color calibration vs CSFD (Color Standard Display Function)”
  • Patrick Perez from Technicolar will have his presentation on “From research to visual effects and post-production at Technicolor”.

Please find here: INDUCTION WEEK COSI cohort3 2017 the whole previsional program for the Induction Week 2017.