Induction Week 2017-2019


From Monday 04/09 to Saturday 9/09. The first week of your arrival will be used to wrap-up administrative issues and to let you get familiar with the University Jean Monnet and the city. We gather all international students of the Faculty of Science and Technology, an opportunity to meet other international students.

INDUCTION WEEK COSI cohort3 2017. [Last update = 30/06/2017. Agenda to be update soon. Please stay tuned!]

See documentation page to make sure you bring along all needed documents.
administrative registration

 You need to bring with you
+ passport or copy of passport
+ your registration form completed
+ (If you don’t plan to pay directly that day Participation Costs) an ID picture
+ means of payment (cash / visa card)

To get ready:
> Download, fill up and print this form
> Guidelines in English available here
> Check amount to be paid (ADD LINK). Student over 28 don’t have to pay the health insurance
> You may come by the administrative coordinator office to get a print out of this form if you don’t have access to a printer and in case you have any questions on how to fill it up with regards to your personal situation
> Make sure you know your way to Maison de l’Université to be on time

Process entails:
1. Meet administrative coordinator that will accompany you during the process
2. Meet a staff from the Registrar on the ground floor to input on the university system your registration form (most of them can speak English). Tell staff if you’re over 28 years old and don’t have to pay health insurance
3. Choose a French health insurance provider and contract with them (ground floor)
4. Pay your participation costs (including health insurance) and if you wish to join sports activities an additional 28 EUR, either in cash (up to 1,000 EUR) on third floor of the Maison de l’Université or by visa card on ground floor. Upon payement, you’ll get a certificate of registration. Check carefully if all information on this paper are correct as info will be used for diploma edition. If you cannot pay, we’ll hold your registration until payement (in that case, make sure you give to Ms Ponte your registration form). COSI students don’t need to pay anything
5. With this certificate of registration, you can then go process your student card (take a picture directly there) on second floor of the Maison de L’université.
6. If applicable, get a sticker on the Sport Office to be sticked on your student card, 2nd Floor.
7. Let administrative coordinator know by email if registration is done.

In case you cannot pay Participation Costs at the time of registration:
> You’ll have then to wire relevant amount to UJM bank account (to be sent by email) before end of September. Please state carefully your full name and student ID # on your transfer order (that can be given to you during step 2) to allow us to track your payment down (let me know when done).
> Registration will be finalized as soon as we get confirmation of your payment, we’ll used the ID picture given to proceed your student card on your behalf without having you coming back to do that.
> In case you’re waiting for your bank account to be opened or first instalment of your scholarship to be disbursed (05/10), let administrative coordinator know.

Important note for French students: please join this meeting and register with other students, do not apply online, irrespective of emails you may receive from UJM.


Students will have access to a room with laptops and wifi on room B111 all week.


> Meeting with our banking partner to officially open your bank account and be introduced to services, questions for account management and visa card delivery
> plan 10 € cash of deposit to activate your account and bring your passport

Welcome desk

International Office staff will welcome you and give guidance and help regarding housing issues at Saint-Etienne Espace d’Accueil Mutualisé des étudiants et enseignants chercheurs (SESAM), 6 rue de la résistance, Saint-Etienne , on the side of Jean Jaurès square (see “welcome desk” on the map).
from 29 August to 13 October: from 10.00 am to 13.00pm and 14.00pm to 18.00 pm
from 16 October to 27 October : from 14.00 pm to 18.00 pm




Course d'orientation 010