Housing options

The best way to find info on where to live in Granada is the CIMET / COSI alumni network. Connect with them @ Facebook.

You can take part in the Buddy Programme (Programa Mentor) for International Students at the UGR to find support from the very beginning of your exchange period from one of the UGR students, who will give help them to find their way through before and during their stay in Granada.

The UGR’s Accomodation Service provides information and assistance concerning all the options open to students searching for somewhere to live during their stay (shared flats, with a family, halls of residence,…)

 A very useful website offering shared student’s (fully-equipped) apartments services in Granada only!

The well-know airbnb.

www.erasmate.com focuses on (international) student-to-student housing for short term periods and can be used for free by students.

The Emperador Carlos V Residence Hall can be a good alternative.

Eurocongres offers you different shared apartment or university residence in the center of Granada at a walking distance to the COSI venue.

ABILILLA Apartments offers you nice totally equipped apartments in the Granada city downtown. The apartments are located in a typical “corrala” and very close to the city center and to the Center of Modern Languages (where you will receive Spanish classes).


> It might not be a good idea to rent an apartment without seeing it in advance. It is better to see it, know what appliances it has, check if the area is the most convenient for you, how close is from the COSI venue, from the down-town, know who is the landlord, which other room-mates are in the apartment, if there are constructions nearby, if it is an apartment with a lot of natural light or just the contrary, if they are old flats without central heating, if it has a nice balcony or a terrace, if it has wireless, etc. All these aspects have to be checked before reaching an agreement.

> The advice and experience of CIMET students from past cohorts is very very important. All of them succeeded in finding the appropriate accommodation and they have been happy during their whole semester. And 90% of them found the accommodation once they arrived to Granada.

> Granada is full of apartments for students and sharing an apartment with others students (from COSI or not) is the best way to get integrated in the great university life of our city. Usually one person rents the flat and searches for the flatmates.