# Application

Q: Can I apply to both COSI and CIMET programmes during the same Call for Application?

Yes. COSI and CIMET have similar entry requirements. You need however to:

  1. Complete 2 different applications on the platform to get two distinct ID,
  2. Mention you’ve applied to both degrees on your cover letter and explained your preferred choice.

Application assessment will be conducted for both programmes separately, by two independent juries. Applying to both programmes doesn’t weaken your chance to be selected to one given programme.

You may also have a look to the 3DMT programme, offered by universities behind COSI and CIMET programmes.

Q: Is CIMET programme an Erasmus Mundus programme with associated scholarships?

Although CIMET has been created within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus Master Course programme (last generation of the Erasmus+ Joint Master Degree), the European Commission funding period reached an end. CIMET kept however all the features of an Erasmus Mundus Master Course (in-built European mobility, quality policy, .. ). We strive as well to offer as much as scholarships as possible to best applicants.

#  Scholarships

Q: Do I need to submit additional / separate application to be considered for scholarships?

No. Your online application to CIMET and/or COSI degrees will be used to award scholarships managed by the Consortium as well (Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarships, Consortium scholarships, Foundation Jean Monnet scholarships), and, if you’re selected, to national scholarships programmes during the period of study. Scholarships attribution will be communicated at the same time as the outcome of the selection. Time will be given to applicants to confirm / choose between degrees in the light of the scholarship award (if you can only join one of our Programme with substantial financial support for instance).

However, there is a number of scholarships programmes (bilateral, multilateral) you may be eligible for. We encourage you to look for such opportunities, that can complement the financial support you’ll may received from us. We’ll provide any needed supporting documentation but application to such programmes are your own responsibility. Application process and supporting documentation differs between programmes.

Q: Are there Erasmus+ scholarships available for CIMET applicants?

Although CIMET has been launched as an Erasmus Mundus Master Course (the European programme for joint Master’s Degree before Erasmus+), there is no longer European-funded scholarships for this programme. But CIMET programme is still highly competitive: Participation Costs has been lowered while keeping the same level of academic services, and generous Consortium scholarships are offered to allow brilliant applicants to join, irrespective of their financial capabilities.

# Financial Means

Q: I wish to enroll in one of your Programme but I don’t have the financial ability to finance this period of study. What are my options?

Applying to COSI and CIMET Master’s Degrees will means applying to scholarships managed by the Consortium as well. Erasmus+ EMJMD, for COSI, is a very generous scholarship that can virtually finance any expenses (including costs of living and travel expenses) during your 2-years Master’s Degree enrollment. Consortium scholarships reduce considerably the Participation Costs. Other programmes are available to scientific students with outstanding academic background. Please do apply; you’ll be informed of scholarship award at the same time as the selection outcome and given time to decide if you wish to enroll given the level of financial support we offer.

 # English Proficiency

Q: I cannot produce, at the time of the online application, results of an internationally recognized English test (TOEFL, TOEIC, …). Does that make me ineligible?

You need to justify your English level at the application deadline. We cannot guarantee that without a justification of English proficiency you can pass the administrative check.

Please, see https://internacional.ugr.es/pages/politica-linguistica/tablasdecertificadosaceptadosporlaugr for alternative tests.

Q: If l apply for Erasmus Mundus CIMET program, am I eligible to apply for New Franco-Thai scholarship as well?

Yes you can apply to any bilateral and multilateral scholarship programme in addition to scholarships managed by the Consortium (Erasmus+ EMJMD for COSI only, University Jean Monnet Foundation scholarship for CIMET only, Consortium scholarships for both programmes). Separate and specific application process and deadline will apply. If you do so please contact us to inform us about your scholarship application. We might be able to help!

#Academic background

Q: Am I eligible with a BS in textile industry / Electronics Engineering / Chemistry …

Please check carefully this section for academic background requirements for COSI and CIMET.

We don’t specifically target a given major at bachelor level, but rather applicants with a solid academic background in the general fields of physics and/or mathematics and/or computer science. It really depends on bachelor’s curriculum.

Q: Is a background in colour science necessary to be eligible?

No, we don’t required background in Colour science, as this is the aim of the Programme to educate student to this interdisciplinary field.

# Application platform

Q: When I login to my account, my application/s appears as “pending”. What should I do?

Once you’ve submitted succesfully your application, a pop-up message indicate that your application has been saved successfully (in green on the upper-right of the screen) and your application appears as “pending” in the left menu. As long as you’ve received a automatic conformation email, this mean your application will be considered by the selection committee.

# Applying for a French visa

Q: Do I need to apply to Campus France CEF in addition to the online application?

You should first apply online to the Master’s Degree. If you’re selected, we’ll guide you through the Campus France application, if applicable. We’re in direct contact with Campus France offices and work toward simplifying as much as possible the CEF procedure for selected students. For more info on the CEF process and countries concerned, please visit this page.

 [last update = 02/11/2015]