Erasmus+ mobility

Erasmus+ (mobility) scholarships are funded by the European Union. These scholarship can contribute to support your stay in another European university during semester 3 or to finance your work placement during semester 4.

Grant awarded

  • Depends of cost of living in the country you will study :
    > between 200 EUR and 300 EUR per month for a study scholarship in Finland and Norway
    > between 150 EUR and 250 EUR per month for a study scholarship in other countries
  • Grant can be disbursed for the overall duration of the study period.

Eligibility criteria

  • COSI students are ineligible (because COSI is a joint degree, the mobility is considered as a feature of the programme).
  • Students from other international master degrees should be pre-selected by their academic coordinator.

How to apply

Application process and all necessary documentation (codes to be used on the learning agreement, calendar, student agreements, attendance forms,…) you will need at some point are available on the International Office website, mostly in French. Here are some guidelines:

#1.  January / February =  short-list

Discuss your mobility plan with your academic coordinator. Mobility is limited to a number of partnering institutions, and number of students mobility is limited every year. Best applicants, on the basis of available grades at the time of application (semester 1 grades) are short-listed by academic coordinator of each programme before the 15/02/2016. You are notified of the results of this selection.

#2.  March / April = pre-registration

The pre-registration process for Erasmus+ is the same than for Explo’ra scholarship. Pre-registration should be done only once, even if you apply to both scholarships for the same period.

#3. April / May = application (09/05/2016)

Send back to your administrative coordinator:

  • DOC1 + ID picture (“formulaire de candidature de l’étudiant (fiche cartonnée saumon)“, completed. If you are in Saint-Etienne at the time of application, you should go the International Office to retrieve this doc. If you are not in Saint-Etienne, you can download it here.
  • Learning Agreement (“Annexe I partie1 : contrat d’études“). Download a copy.  Guidelines here.
    Print (A4, no modification, no recto/verso) this learning agreement in two copies and complete the information:
    > for MLDM students, please ask Elisa Fromont and/or Marc Sebban to help you select the course module you will follow in your institution
    > for 3DMT and CIMET students, please complete with the courses modules you will follow as part of your curriculum.
    Make sure that ECTS appears clearly. 1 semester should account for 30 ECTS.
  • Mobility agreement (“Annexe IV : Contrat de mobilité“). Download a copy.

Print (A4, no modification, no recto/verso) this agreement in two copies and complete the information highlighted in yellow. Give it back to me with the learning agreement. (I don’t translate obvious fields…)

Adresse = use my office address:
International Masters– Bureau 121
Université Jean Monnet
Faculté des Sciences et Techniques
SITE CARNOT – Bâtiment B
18, rue du Professeur Benoît Lauras

Cycle d’études = check “2ème cycle”
Domaine d’études = name of your master degree
Code ISCED = 061
Nombre d’années d’études supérieures achevées = 4

This should refer to your French bank account:

Numéro de compte bancaire sur lequel la subvention sera versée : account number
Titulaire du compte (si différent de l’étudiant) : name of  account holder
Banque name of the bank
BIC :IBAN : BIC = french IBAN

La période de mobilité commencera  le  _ _ /_ _ / 2 0 _ _ et se terminera le _ _ /_ _ / 20_ _ . =
Start and end date of the study period abroad

Titulaire de l’assurance maladie = your name
Organisme d’affiliation = depending of which health insurance you’ve registered to at the time of your registration  LMDE or SMERRA or or Couverture Maladie Universelle
Numéro/référence = reference of your contract

Titulaire de l’assurance RC = IDEM
Organisme d’affiliation =  IDEM (LMDE or SMERRA)
Numéro/référence  = IDEM (LMDE or SMERRA)

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact the International Office / outgoing mobility ( and -cc your administrative coordinator to your exchanges.

#4. May  = get ready for your mobility

You should register to your host university and undertake necessary steps in liaison with their international office.

#5. June / July = have your learning agreement signed by your host university

Your learning agreement will be signed by the Vice-President for International Relations and send back to you. You need to send it to your host university for validation and signature and send it back to

Do not forget also to take necessary steps to renew your administrative registration at University Jean Monnet.

To do upon arrival

Upon arrival at your host university, you should:

  • Complete, have the host university signed and send back to the certificate of attendance, as soon as possible after arrival. The first installment of the scholarship will be paid upon reception of this document.
  • If applicable, and upon agreement with your academic coordinator, you can modify your learning agreement (the courses you will enroll to in your host institution): complete and send back this document. This should be done maximum 5 weeks after the start of the semester.

To do after at the end of your mobility period

  • Complete, have the host university signed and send back to Pôle International de l’Université Jean Monnet,  Mobilités sortantes,  21, Rue Denis Papin 42023 Saint-Etienne Cedex 2 an original copy of the final certificate, as soon as possible after arrival. The last installment of the scholarship will be paid upon reception of this document.
  • Complete part 3 of the learning agreement with grades obtained at host university and corresponding grades at UJM.
  • Answer online the Erasmus+ questionnaire (link will be send by Erasmus+ directly).

Scholarship disbursement

  • Disbursement of the scholarship is done in two installments: 80% two month after arrival and upon reception of the attendance form and the remaining 20% 2 month after coming back and upon reception of the final attendance form.

Language support

As Erasmus+ beneficiaries, you can benefit from this language assessment / learning programme: 

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