Curriculum and mobility


You will find here an overview of the COSI courses modules sequence, in a print friendly excel file.

Course Catalogue

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Year 1


Will be held at the Norwegian University of Technology and it usually starts from mid Augusts to end of December. The academic calendar for the autumn semester at NTNU can be found here.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Compulsory courses (30 ECTS)

Computer graphics fundamentals and applications7.5 ECTSSyllabusFereshteh Mirjalili
Cross-media colour reproduction7.5 ECTSSyllabusPhilip Green
Introduction to Color Image Processing and Analysis7.5 ECTSSyllabusSeyed Ali Amirshahi
Introduction to research on colour and visual computing7.5 ECTSSyllabusPeter Nussbaum
Seminar series: programming course, MATLAB and Python / Research communication, incl. LaTex. / Research ethics / OpticsNo ECTSCoordinated by Associate Professor Seyed Ali Amirshahi

Optional courses (Extra ECTS granted)

Norwegian language and culture5 ECTS

Will be held from the beginning of January till June at University Jean Monnet.

Specialization in Color image modelling and understanding – University Jean Monnet (UJM)

Compulsory courses (20 ECTS)

Advanced image processing5 ECTSSyllabusHubert Konik & Damien Muselet
3D models in computer vision5 ECTSSyllabusAlain Trémeau
Light matter interaction and materials appearance: from physics to virtual reality5 ECTSSyllabusAlain Trémeau
From Statistics to data mining5 ECTSSyllabusFabrice Mulhenbach

Elective courses (10 ECTS)

Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship5 ECTSSyllabusStéphane Foliard
Pattern recognition5 ECTSSyllabusMarc Sebban
Real Time 3D Visualization5 ECTSSyllabusPhilippe Colantoni
French Language and Culture 2 ECTSCILEC

Will be held from beginning of January till June at the University of Granada.

Specialization in Photonics, Image and Vision – University of Granada (UGR)

Compulsory courses (15 ECTS)

Advanced optoelectronics5 ECTSSyllabusF.J. Gámiz
Computer vision5 ECTSSyllabusN. Pérez de la Blanca
Advanced Colour and Spectral Imaging5 ECTSSyllabusJ. Hernández / E. Valero / R. Huertas

Elective courses (15 ECTS)

Optical sensors5 ECTSSyllabusC. Sampedro / A. Carrasco
Remote imaging and sensing5 ECTSSyllabusF.J. Olmo
Data Science5 ECTSSyllabusM. Lastra / F.J. Benítez
Advanced colour and image processing5 ECTSSyllabusE. Valero / J.L. Nieves / M. Martinez
Human Perception and Cognition5 ECTSSyllabusJ.L. Nieves / R. Huertas / L. Gómez-Robledo

Optional courses (Extra ECTS granted)

Spanish Language and Culture5 ECTSProfessors from the Centre for Modern Language (UGR)
Summer Internship July / August
Mandatory 6 weeks internshipNo ECTSOne of the associate industrial partners

Year 2


Will be held from August till December at the University of Eastern Finland.

Specialization in Computational Spectral Imaging – University of Eastern Finland (UEF)

Compulsory courses (25 ECTS)

Applications on photonics4 ECTSSyllabusJyrki Saarinen
Advanced spectral imaging devices5 ECTSSyllabusDmitry Semenov
Color science laboratory5 ECTSSyllabusMarkku Hauta-Kasari
Industrial group project6 ECTSSyllabusMarkku Hauta-Kasari
Advanced deep learning5 ECTSSyllabusXiao Shi Gao

Elective courses (5 ECTS)

Eye tracking5 ECTSSyllabusT.B.A
Robotics and XR5 ECTS Syllabus T.B.A T.B.A
Graph mining5 ECTS Syllabus T.B.A T.B.A

Optional courses

Finnish language 2 ECTS syllabus Language centre (UEF)

Will be held at the Norwegian University of Technology and it usually starts from mid Augusts to end of December. The academic calendar for the autumn semester at NTNU can be found here.

Specialization in Colour and Visual Computing- Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Compulsory courses (15 ECTS)

Specialisation in colour imaging7.5 ECTSSyllabusJon Yngve Hardeberg
Appearance, perception and measurement7.5 ECTSsyllabus Phil Green

Elective courses (15 ECTS)

Advanced colour management7.5 ECTSSyllabusGiorgio Trumpy
Advanced project work7.5 ECTSSyllabusSony George
Deep learning for visual computing 7.5 ECTS Syllabus Hao Wang
Specialisation in video processing7.5 ECTSSyllabus Faouzi Alaya Cheikh

Will be held from January till August

Master Thesis30 ECTS

Mobility scheme
Ensuring a meaningful student learning mobility is at the core of ERASMUS+ Joint Master Degrees programme rationale. COSI is no exception: live & learn in four different European campuses.

Building on close academic and industrial partnerships, the COSI consortium will allow students to experience and get the most of what European higher education institutions, and beyond, have to offer.

Year 1
From August to December Semester 1Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyNorway
From January to June Semester 2 Concentration in Colour image modelling and understandingUniversity Jean Monnet (UJM)France
From January to JuneSemester 2 Concentration in Photonics, image and visionUniversity of Granada (UGR)Spain
From July to AugustSummer internshipAssociate industrial partnersWorld
Year 2
From August to December Semester 3 Concentration in Computational spectral imagingUniversity of Eastern Finland (UEF)Finland
From August to DecemberSemester 3 Concentration in Colour and visual computingNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)Norway
From January to AugustSemester 4 (Master thesis)World

Download COSI curriculum to know more on course catalogue offered by each hosting universities.