the way forward

How COSI would looks like in 5 years?

If you are among the first cohorts of COSI, you can be confident that your alma mater will still be alive and evolving in the coming decade. And who knows, you might even come back to us as a professor or practitioner!

We want the COSI programme to be/come:

 > A sustained venture financed through a responsive industry/academia partnership on the long run;

> A well-known and renewed brand identified and valued by the colour science community as a whole: recruiters, practitioners, researchers and policy-makers, and progressively identify as the reference programme in colour sciences;

> A European academic center of excellence, attracting and servicing the best undergrad students irrespective of their country of origin and financial resources;

> A worldwide knowledge & skills center on colour science, bridging European and Asian color science stakeholders in a community of practice with international profile and outreach.

COSI development is project-based, driven by academics partners

 Innovative learning design & outcome validation

led by Prof. Juan Nieves, University of Granada

 Learning modes

 led by Prof. J. Y. Hardeberg, Gjøvik University College

 University Business Cooperation

 led by Prof. M. Hauta Kasari, University of Eastern Finland

 Community management

 led by Raju Shersha, Gjøvik University College

 Associate Academic Partners Relationships

 led by Prof. Shigeki Nakauchi, Toyohashi University of Technology