To ensure to students the highest possible degree of academic excellence, innovation and relevance with industries’ trends and challenges, COSI programme welcome industrial experts and researchers working in a variety of color – science related industries

/ 2015-2017 / SEMESTER 1


Virgine Vurpillot from Becker industry (industrial coatings), France

Becker Industrie



Pierre Caulet from Munksjö Arches SAS (pulp and paper technologies), France

munksjo_logoJurgen Stauder from Technicolor (media and entertainment), France



Sans titre-1

Dr. Vineetha Kalavally from Monash University Malaysia

/ 2015-2017 / semester 2

Under development … Most recent talks includes for instance:

  1. Diego Andrade, researcher from Malaga University (Spain) about “Holoscope: An affordable approach to digital holography microscopy”;
  2. Shigeki Nakauchi from Toyohashi University of Technology, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (JAPAN) about research lines in his group;
  3. Miguel Ángel Martínez, PhD student from UGR (Spain), about HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR) IMAGING;
  4. Jia Eckhard, researcher from the Color Imaging Lab at UGR (Spain), about the “ACQUISITION OF YPERSPECTRAL IMAGES IN OUTDOOR ENVIROMENTS…A CHALLENGING TASK”