Consortium history

The consortium has progressively built an expertise in designing joint master and doctoral programme of excellence, managing students and staff complex mobility and shaping euro-Asian academic exchanges.

Founding partners have set-up over the past decade tight relationships on colour sciences teaching and research, leading to several multiple degrees and a flagship Erasmus Mundus initiative that have become reference programmes in their respective academic and industrial fields:


> The Master in Colour in Informatics and MEdia Technology (CIMET), led by UJM, UGR, UEF and GUC since 2008, now a fully sustained research master degree;

> The Erasmus Mundus EACOVIROE (Enhance the Attractiveness of Computer Vision and Robotics in Europe) Programme, from 2009 to 2011, jointly operated by UEF, UGR, ITB and TUT;

> The European Union COST Action COSCH (Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage) led by UEF and GUC since 2012;


> The 3DMTdouble master degree operated by UJM and GUC since 2012;


> The double master degree ImOptics, a  jointly delivered by UJM and UGR since 2012 and supported in 2013 by the Mediterranean Office for Youth;


> The Erasmus Mundus Al-Idrisi a North / South mobility programme for students and academics between UGR and UJM;

> A Joint PhD programme in the field of ICT between UEF and TUT.