Scholarship disbursement

You’ll find in this table the disbursement calendar for 2015-2017 scholarships directly managed by University Jean Monnet on behalf of the CIMET and COSI consoritum.

Fee-waivers are directly subtracted to Participation Costs charged to student every academic year (see COSI Participation Costs | CIMET Participation Costs).

Explo’ra scholarships, Scholarships from University of Eastern Finland, UJM Foundation scholarships – ‘international attractiveness’ and UJM Foundation scholarships – international mobility are not managed directly by University Jean Monnet. Please refer to dedicated pages for info on disbursement info.

If you’re not sure in which category you belong, refer to this page (list of programme and partner countries) and/or the Erasmus+ distance calculator (to check if your country of residence is situated at less or more than 400 km) or ask your administrative coordinator.

[last update = 16/07/2015]