Master’s thesis

The Master’s Thesis is a cornerstone of our programmes. It will allow you to bridge your “academic” experience, the knowledge and skills you’ve developed during the past three semesters, with a first-hand work experience, that will kick-off your career.
To complete your Master’s Thesis in the best possible manner, the consortium supports you both in terms of MT opportunities, academic follow-up and administrative backstopping.

Calendar and administrative process

Plan your Master’s Thesis at least 2 months in advance.

StepActionDeadlinePerson in charge
Master Thesis opportunities are publishedA choice of MT topics/hosting institutions are available on Claroline platform.
1st of NovemberConsortium
Students engage with hosting institution / apply to open placement offersNovember 15thStudents
Master Thesis topics are moderatedStudents inform the consortium on their 3 most preferred choices OR alternative option from their own initiative.November 15thStudents
Students planning to go to another country start visa applicationPlease note that early visa application might be needed for some countries (up to 2 months before placement starts).November 15thStudents
Choices are moderated / validated by the consortium. Academic excellence, as per semester 1 & 2 grades prevails in moderation of MT placements.November 20thAcademic coordinator
Placement Agreements are edited and signedStudents fill in and send back to administrative coordinator the MT form to allow us to edit a placement agreement. Ask to host institution and tell us if:
– The placement agreement should be in French or English.
– The host institution agree to proceed with a scan signed agreement instead of an original copy to speed up the process.
– The host institution needs you and your academic supervisor to sign a Non-disclosure agreement / confidentiality agreement. If this is the case, please send it along your MT form.
If you and your host institution agree during the placement to extend the duration, this is possible (through the amendment to the agreement) but providing that this extension is agreed before end of June 2016 (before the planned date of master’s thesis defense). Note that the maximum duration of the internship is 6 months.
5th of DecemberStudents
The consortium edits the placement agreement and sends it to the student as .pdfEarly DecemberAdministrative team
The student signs 3 hard copies and sends them, to have them signed / stamped by the hosting institution, including the Non-disclosure agreement if applicable and if host institution agrees to have a scanned signed agreement, send a scanned copy to the administrative coordinator.

In any case, send three (3) original copies of the placement agreement to:
International Masters– Bureau 121
Université Jean Monnet
Faculté des Sciences et Techniques
SITE CARNOT – Bâtiment B
18, rue du Professeur Benoît Lauras
Early DecemberStudents
PA is signed by the Programme Academic Coordinator and Coordinating Institution’s (UJM) Faculty Dean. 2 original copies are sent back to the student / host institution at the address mentionned in the MT form.Before the 20th of DecemberAdministrative team
MT startsFrom  04th of January 2016 to 18/01/2016 at the latest

Finance your Master Thesis

Placement during semester 4 is generally paid. It is for instance legally compulsory to pay trainees at least 554.40 € per month in France. We’ll strive to ensure that our industrial and academic partners provide at least this amount to trainees. Most of our industrial partners offer internships that provide a substantial allowance, that is above this minimum.

In addition, you can apply to the Explo’ra scholarship (please refer to the specific calendar for Master Thesis).