Appeal procedure

Appeal Procedure for Students

This is to inform the Students on appeal procedure following any decision taken by the COSI governing bodies (Academic and Management Board, Quality Assurance Board) collectively or their members individually (Academic Coordinator and Local Academic Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator and Local Administrative Coordinators) or faculty members, including but not limited to:

  1. Performance assessment (grades), grading system (calculation, averaging), semester and diploma completion;
  2. Mobility option for Semester 3;
  3. Master Thesis validation and evaluation;
  4. Scholarships attribution and management.

Important notes:

 The COSI Academic & Management Board is primarily responsible for conflict cases settlement. The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency should not be contacted directly by the student alone, but rather by the Consortium if the conflict, despite the appeal decision, is not resolved.

 If problem cases arise related to quality of academic or administrative services, the Student is adviced to first seek clarification to Local Academic and Administrative Coordinators, then Academic Coordinator. If the issue is not solved, the student may inform her/his student delegate.

The procedure to lodge a complaint for 2015-2017 intake is set as follows:

  1. If the Student does not agree with decisions issued by COSI governing bodies or members, then s/he may appeal this decision before the COSI Quality and Assurance Board.
  2. In order to be valid, the appeal must be in writing, using following letter of settlement template, signed and dated, and send (in .pdf format) by the applicant to the attention of: Prof. Alain Trémeau, Head of COSI Academic & Management Board and Academic Coordinator.
  3. The complaint must be transmitted to the Quality Assurance Board within ten (10) days following the notification of the complaint.

The appeal should set out fully the grounds upon which it disputes the challenged decision, together with copies of any relevant supporting documents or justifications upon which it relies. The grounds of the appeal must be based on new elements or facts which were not taken into consideration when the decision was originally analyzed. It should be noted that the Quality Assurance Board may reject an appeal which is not submitted within a thirty (30) days period after the decision has been taken or which does not contain the necessary justifications or documentation.

The Quality Assurance Board will examine every appeal cases, either physically or virtually. The board can decide or not to ask the governing body or any member or academic and administrative staff to reassess and reconsider the/ir decision/s or to deny the appeal procedure after close examination of the Student’s

  1. The Student will be informed of the appeal decision of the Quality Assurance Board by a written instrument within thirty (30) days following after date of reception of the letter of settlement.

[last update = 12/10/2015]