student affairs

To allow students to focus on their studies, the administrative team strive to simplify and facilitate as much as possible the sometimes heavy administrative process implied by enrolling in European Master degree located in 4 different country and their respective set of national regulations. We’ve implemented a single-window system with one administrative focal point following-up student’s overall “administrative life” from selection to graduation. Students receive advice and guidance at each campuses from one single dedicated administrative focal point along the way.

Local administrative focal points

  • Thomas Chaumont, UJM;
  • Irene Pedreira Romero, UGR;
  • Laura Hurmalainen; UEF;
  • Hilde Bakke, GUC

 The local administrative focal points (one for each hosting university) are responsible for:

> Implement in liaison with local Academic Coordinator the AMB decisions;

> Implement in liaison with local Academic Coordinator the QAB decisions;

> Manage operational activities linked with academic services, and notable teaching delivery, learning outcomes validations and degree delivery, in liaison with to the administrative coordinator;

> Ensure the delivery of student’s affairs services, and notably be the primary focal point for all COSI students during their stay, and notably for immigration, housing, banking, insurance, scholarships and health affairs.

Administrative Coordinator

  • Thomas Chaumont, UJM;