Flight booking

We don’t have partnerships with travel agencies; flight booking and travel arrangement are your own responsibility. We advise you to book your flight ticket as early as possible. A return ticket is always cheaper than a single one: think ahead if you wish to go back home for the winter break or if you will only return during the summer break. You can book a flight to the cities of Paris or Lyon depending on the best fare you can get, both destinations being equally convenient to come to Saint Etienne.

We strongly advice you to carefully plan you arrival to make sure you arrive in Saint Etienne from 01/09 to 04/09, preferably before 04.00 pm (reception desk closed usually early in the afternoon and during the weekend). Residence desks will be informed of your arrival.

COSI students benefit from a full health & accident coverage taking effect by the time the student the journey to participate to the Programme (international travel) and until two months after the end of the Programme. This coverage starts from 15/08/2016 for intake 2. We do not advise you to travel before this date to France. See this page for more info.

[last update = 19/04/2016]