What are they up to?

Bosnian CIMET student Samra Tanovic, who’ve undertook her master thesis at the Color Imaging Lab, was interviewed for the TV show ‘Tesis’, in channel ‘Canal Sur 2’. The interview was broadcasted on May the 6th, 2011. She is designing an algorithm to detect electrical wires automatically using an infrared camera, to avoid helicopter accidents.

CIMET alumni embrace careers as researchers

In 2014, we are congratulating our CIMET alumni for their achievements.

It was a very rich academic year for CIMET cohort 2 (2009-2011) alumni, continuing doctoral studies after their CIMET Master Degree and who’ve completed and defended their PhD thesis

  • Abul HASNAT defended his PhD on “Unsupervised 3D image clustering and extension to joint color and depth segmentation” the 1st of October 2014, and he published his findings on 4 papers in high ranked conferences that year;
  • Peng WANG defended her PhD on “Historical handwriting representation model dedicated to word spotting application” the 18th of November 2014, the same year she published 3 papers in high ranked conferences and a paper in a journal.

It was also a very fruitful academic year for CIMET cohort 1 (2008-2010) alumni, with 2 PhD defenses:

PhD-Jury of H Sheikh Faridul

Congratulation to all !

In 2015, several CIMET graduates will defend their PhD: Ali AMIRSHAHI from CIMET cohort 1 (2008-2010); Darya KHAUSTOVA from CIMET cohort 2 (2009-2011) ). We wish them all success!