CIMET / selection outcome

Self-financed student will be informed on the outcome of their application by end of April 2015.


CIMET | Selection results |

CIMET | Selection results | UPDATE w/ re-allocation of scholarships as of 08/04/2015

How to read the results:

  • If your name is on the list, you’ve been accepted to CIMET master degree
  • Foundation scholarship: scholarship of 10,000 € granted to the best applicant;
  • Consortium scholarship = scholarship of 6,000 € granted to best applicants in the reserve list. To be disbursed beginning of year 1.
  • N/A = “non-applicable”, successful applicants without scholarships.
  • If you’re not in the list, your application has not been selected by the Selection Committee. You may contact CIMET administrative coordinator to have a feedback on your application.


  • N.B. 1 = CIMET administrative coordinator will contact successful applicants to discuss further scholarship opportunities, budgeting of the 2 years participation in the Programme and next steps.
  • N.B. 2 = Applicants who have applied to COSI master degree in addition to CIMET should consider COSI results as well.
  • N.B. 3. Successful applicants from Iran should be aware that it is likely that  they could face issues when applying for a residence permit in Norway. While the Consortium will try to best of its ability to allow all students can apply to both UEF and GUC as the hosting institution during semester 3, we cannot ensure that student from Iran will be able to join GUC during fall semester 3.